Services and prices


 Package "VIP"

  •  10 hours of shooting (from charges of the bride before removal of a veil)
  •  Prewedding shooting of engagement - 3 hours
  •  The photobook of a premium class of 23х23 cm - 50 pages + 2 reduced copies for parents
  •  Two musical HD slideshows (wedding and lovestory)
  •  Photopicture on the english canvas of 50х70 cm on a wooden stretcher
  •  Processing of 400-500 photos

Package "Premium"

  •  8 hours of shooting (from charges of the bride before the first dance)
  •  Prewedding shooting of engagement - 2 hours 
  •  The musical HD slideshow created from photos Lovestory
  •  The design photobook of 20х20 cm - 40 pages
  •  Processing of 300-400 photos

Package "Classic"

  •  6 hours of shooting (charges of the bride before, registration and wedding walk)
  •  The basic photobook 20x20 cm - 20 pages
  •  Processing of 200-300 photos

Package "Light"

  •  4 hours of shooting (registration and wedding walk)
  •  Processing of 100-200 photos

* Shooting of the second wedding day is possible (weddings, a banquet, picnic, honeymoon)
* You can recognize the cost of all services by request, having written or having called me

Love story

"Romantic walk"

  • photographing within 3-4 hours
  • processing to 50 photos
  • record of all photos on the USB-flash drive

"True love story"

  • individual creation of history
  • two photography-making days in different locations
  • photographing within 8 hours 
  • processing to 100 photos 
  • creation of a beautiful musical HD-slideshow
  • record of all photos on the USB-flash drive

Wedding photobooks


  • format of 29х29 cm
  • up to 80 pages 
  • 10 colors of fabric avaible for choice
  • fly-leaves from color design paper 
  • stamping on a cover
  • photo print in the chemical way


  • format of 23х23 cm
  • up to 60 pages
  • silk photographic paper of premium quality
  • individual design according your wishes
  • design of the book in genuine leather or a photocover
  • high quality photo printing 
  • optionally - minibooks for parents
  • period of storage of the book till 100 years

*You can recognize the cost of photobooks by inquiry, having written or called me. You can look at examples of photobooks at a meeting with me :)

Whats included:

  • conclusion of the official contract for photographing
  • the help and consultations on the organizations of wedding day, the recommendation about style, training in posing bases, the choice of places for photosession
  • recommendations of reliable and qualitative contractors (stylists, florists, decorators and etc.)
  • photographing by two professional full frame cameras Canon 5D Mark III with use of optics of the luxury class Canon L
  • use of the additional lighting equipment for creation of photos of the best quality
  • (option) second photographer and assistant
  • full processing of all shots
  • individual attitude for each client
  • backup and storage of your photos within three years
  • 100% guarantee of quality service

Completion dates of the order:

  • processing of wedding photos - till 4 months
  • creation of a musical slideshow from wedding or lovestory of photos - till 1 month 
  • processing of photos from a lovestory - till 2 months
  • (option) creation of a mini-album from the best photos from a wedding (lovestory) within two weeks

* terms can be reduced depending on the number of the shootings 

My philosophy and credo: high quality, reliability of services, stable result, comfortable conditions of shooting and an individual attitude for the client.

  Your holiday has to be easy and air – finish all bureaucratic procedures in advance, undersign the day before, or in other day that in day of your wedding only to have a rest and enjoy! Day of your wedding can consist of charges of the bride, walk outdoors, communication with friends and dear people, beautiful exit registration in the picturesque place on which you will promise to love each other eternally, and in completion - a dinner in a circle of the closest people for you and your family. Having transferred a list in the ceremony hall to the previous day you will be able to make this day on the present carefree, and you will avoid to nobody necessary (and expensive) trips by car around the city and standings in turns. If to make in advance, then all day you will be able to spend in the nature – on the seashore or lake where it will be possible to make absolutely amazing photos at sunset in the evening! 

The second option of a wedding will suit you if you appreciate creative approach and for the sake of unique shots are ready to allocate separate day for photographing of wedding walk - this day is similar to ideal appointment which will undoubtedly leave indelible impressions in your memory, will present the mass of positive emotions and pleasure, it is rather simple to want it and everything will be possible! I from anybody don't hide that the most part of the series presented in my portfolio are made in separate day since creativity doesn't accept any frames and restrictions, and also from the point of view of the photo such decision has a set of pluses, basic of which - shooting in ideally suitable place in the evening when sun light becomes magic. In more detail about obvious pluses of such decision you can read here.

  I do not promise you low prices, and something more valuable that is more expensive than money - history of creation of your family in sincere photos. They will be cheerful, happy and are full of tenderness. They will be livestyle and natural. They about you and for you are also created so that to bring joy to you later for many years, allowing to endure those pure feelings again and again. On them the bride and the groom don't do unclear gestures, and don't stand in unclear poses, with the unknown purpose. On them there will always be the closest to you people, your parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, and also the fine atmosphere of a holiday. I believe that wedding and family photos have to be such, the album which you will consider with your children has to be filled with them.

I believe that I do the necessary serious work that high-quality wedding photos are needed for each family and I try to make it very best, at the same time without overstating the prices.

For more detailed discussion of details of future shooting come with your soulmate to me to a meeting, I will tell everything, I will show versions of wedding books, and I will answer all your questions! It is absolutely free. 

To arrange a meeting, please contact me any in the way, convenient for you:

Тел/Viber/WhatsApp: +375 29 649-10-31
Skype: asm_Zealot  
Вконтакте: akfotos | Facebook: photocafe | Instagram: @photocafe3

Best regards, wedding photographer Anton Kuznetsov  

Why it is necessary to work with me?

  • I am a professional photographer in the third generation and I am engaged only in the photo 7 years. On the present it is in love with the photo - it is business of my life. 
  • According to the professional website of wedding photographers in Belarus of I enter in TOP-20 the best photographers of the country.
  • I am better than all photographers in RB I shoot the weddings and lovestory in the golden autumn time.
  • I am the only photographer in the world which is able to shoot amazing susnets with the huge red sun, without application of a Photoshop.
  • I shoot not the first year and I know how to receive live and beautiful photos which will keep your memories in the best look. I worked at different weddings, with different people and I know not only features of wedding photographing, but also possible nuances and problems which you can face at the organization of the wedding. And, of course, I will help you to avoid them.
  • I shoot the limited number of weddings in a year that allows me to prepare better for each of them and to create for each couple something unique, but not to stamp consumer photos. Each new wedding and new couple for me is the special and i always wish to create unique family value for everyone. I understand and I assume heavy responsibility for creation of history for a new family. I appreciate trust of people and at each wedding I give all the best for all 100%.
  • I am cheerful and optimistical, young and vigorous. Will work with me easy and comfortably.
  • I pay special attention to punctuality and appearance at a wedding, and I will never appear during the holiday dressed in shorts, an undershirt and bedroom-slippers.
  • I shoot with two professional full frame cameras - Canon 5D mark III and I use the best optics for creation of excellent photos. I consider that the true professional shall have 2 cameras of a top class which are protected from a rain, snow also provide the maximum reliability in any conditions of shooting. That will be if during a wedding the camera fails? In total shooting to come to the end? About this fact that even expensive (and especially cheap) cameras can break, not each photographer, and especially newlyweds thinks.  
  • I am constantly trained at the best photographers of Russia, Ukraine and Abroad.
  • I seek to use not only the classical and checked methods, but also I look for new, creating unique photos.
  • I am fluent in English. For me it is possible to communicate with the foreigner in his native language.
  • The multi-visa opened Schengen. A possibility of visit to all countries of Europe, and also to Russia and Ukraine.
  • I use the additional lighting equipment for improvement of quality of the photo.
  • If necessary I involve the second photographer or the assistant, for improvement of quality and the number of photos.
  • I don't drink, I don't smoke, I am engaged in cycling (I like to travel, in a day I pass up to 120 km) — endurance allows me to be in a tone all wedding day and to provide stable result.